Vol 1-1 Review Article

Maternal Stress and Allergic Diseases in Children: A systematic review

Katarzyna Smejda1, Agnieszka Brzozowska1, Daniela Podleck1, Kinga Polanska2, Joanna Jerzynsk1*

1Department of Pediatrics and Allergy, Medical University of Lodz, Copernicus Memorial Hospital in Lodz, Poland

2Department of Environmental Epidemiology, Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine, Lodz, Poland

During pregnancy, women are more prone to stress and at risk of distress due to deep hormonal and physiological changes. The aim of this systematic review was to examine whether maternal stress during pregnancy increases the risk of atopic diseases in the children.

A review of the literature was performed using three databases: PubMed, Web of Science, EBSCO. We limited the results to human-subject studies published in English between January 2010 and September 2019. This systematic review suggests a relationship between maternal stress during pregnancy and allergic diseases in the child. The findings highlight the importance of the implementation of stress reduction programs for pregnant women and those in their postpartum period within communities in order to enable these individuals to relieve stress effectively.

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Vol 1-1 Review Article

Feet Also Need Cosmetic/ Plastic Surgery for Good Looks (A New Perspective) World’s First, Graded, Mega Skin Expansion by Fusion 4-In-1, Correcting, All-Inclusive, Extreme Clubfoot Deformities- A Game Changer

Rattan L. Mittal*

Emeritus Professor, Orthopaedic Department, GOMCO, Patiala, India

Introduction: Congenital clubfoot, the commonest orthopaedic defect and with very high prevalence rate in LMICs with tremendous GBD (80% global population), still remains unsolved, with 95% relapses/ under-corrections, in extreme deformities (Mittal1), besides the umpteen uncorrected deformities. Author has researched this unexplored area for over fifty years, still continuing. AIM: Cosmetology/ Plastic surgery are the deep routed foundations of this high rise, evidence based, research. Being need based, it was destined to happen in three phases. This is, FIRST EVER, successful use of the four popular plastic procedures in a single incision1 (Rotation, Z-plasty, vY-plasty and Fillet flaps), nicknamed as FUSION 4-in1, by any surgeon (including plastic and orthopaedic surgeons) on any part of HUMAN BODY, leave aside CLUBFOOT. This is A LOUD AWARENESS CALL for improving looks, function and avoiding complications.

Methods: These were need based, 3 phased, persistent, sequential endeavors: PHASE 1, the anatomical dissections2 and years of clinical observations, leading to discovery of heterogeneous 3D skin contractures (foot being a 3D organ) as the reason for all failures. Rotation flap was used for the first time in CLUBFOOT for correcting grade 1 of this deformity with an authentic publication of a series of one hundred cases documented in SICOT JOURNAL (Mittal)3. With a thumbs-up start, it progressed to higher evolutionary stage of PHASE 2, in more extreme deformities: combining Z- plasties (1, 2 or even 3 Zs) with rotation flap as 2-in-1 incision and then to PHASE 3 for even more rigid deformities, adding VY-plasty also with rotation + Z-plasty, as 3-in-1 incision and even adding fillet flap as 4-in-1 in a lone OCTOPUS CLUBFOOT, World’s first case. RESULTS and CONCLUSIONS: The Triple or even Tetra skin expanding incision gave consistently gratifying results with longer, flexible, better functioning and pleasing looking feet, with long term follow up as reported and published in a Landmark SICOT publication of 1080 cases over a 40 years period with a long term follow up averaging 12½ years (Mittal)1.

Cosmetology and plastic surgery, in this evidence based, cutting edge research, achieved the distinction of, FIRST EVER use of the 4 procedures in a single incision transforming “CROOKED TO ROZY FEET”. ROZY is an acronym and stands for ROtation, Z-plasty and vY-plasty (Mittal)4. This is also a LOUD Awakening Call to disseminate this surgical concept for correcting the more rigid and severe deformities, with relapses and under-corrections at any age, including the uncorrected ones for the Global clubfoot community.

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