In-House Quality-Check: Initially, all the new submissions are checked by our editorial staff for content-related criteria such as

  • Declaration of any potential competing interests
  • Plagiarism-check
  • Appropriate suitability of the article to the mentioned article type
  • Determining whether the topic is within the scope of the journal
  • Evaluating adherence of manuscript to word limits
  • Supplementary material
  • Ethical considerations
  • Appropriate references, side headings, keywords, figures and figure legends, tables wherever mentioned
  • Quality of images
  • Proper understanding of language etc.

Peer Review: If the submission passes the initial screening, it undergoes a peer review process. The journal typically assigns the manuscript to experts in the field who review the content for its scientific rigor, methodology, originality, and relevance. The reviewers provide feedback and recommendations to the journal's editor regarding acceptance, revision, or rejection of the submission.

Editorial Decision: Based on the feedback from the peer reviewers, the editor makes a decision regarding acceptance, revision, or rejection of the manuscript. This decision is communicated to the author, often accompanied by the reviewer comments and suggestions for revisions if applicable.

Revision and Resubmission (if applicable): If revisions are requested, the author is given a specific time frame to address the reviewer's comments and make the necessary revisions to the manuscript. The revised version is then resubmitted to the journal for further evaluation.

Final Decision: Once the revised manuscript is received, the editor and/or reviewers assess the revisions and determine if they adequately address the comments and concerns. Based on this evaluation, a final decision is made regarding acceptance or rejection of the manuscript.

Publication: If the manuscript is accepted, it proceeds to the publication phase. The manuscript undergoes copyediting, typesetting, and proofreading to ensure accuracy, clarity, and adherence to the journal's style. It is then assigned to a specific issue or made available online, depending on the journal's publication schedule.